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    My daughter Madaline, who is five years old, has been attending your Lakewood center since she was one. As parents, we all wish that we would not need the services of a day care for our children but the reality is that some of us do and subsequently we are faced with the ever so important decision of finding a facility that will provide the love and care that they deserve, and gives us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from them that they are being loved, that they are safe and secure and are learning to interact with other children of the same age group which is so important. Family Life Centers has more than met my expectations in these areas and I feel very fortunate to have had Madaline at Family Life Centers for the past four years. She loves the friends she has made and the teachers that she has had and now she will begin kindergarten this Fall and still be cared for by Family Life Centers in their after school program. I cannot thank the Family Life Center staff enough for the love and care they have provided not only for my daughter but for all the children they care for.

    ~Chip McKinney Family Life Child Care of Lakewood parent

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    Everyone we have encountered at the Family Life Child Care Center of Lakewood has been friendly, patient and has realistic expectations for children's behavior. Unfortunately, many daycare centers today are more focused on what they mistakenly believe will keep their employees happy, rather than teaching them how to re-direct children in a positive manner. However, this center got this concept right and has done wonders for our son. He has gone from completely disliking daycare to smiling about going to "school" in the morning.

    ~ Diane Dylinski & Bob Seitz Family Life Child Care Center of Lakewood parents

    I can honestly say that I haven't had one complaint. I can go to work trust my children are properly taken care of. From the infant room clear through school age, I am totally satisfied with the staff, service and quality of the center. Recently our family has moved from Maple Heights to Warrensville Heights. It was a huge transition for all of us, but when asked if I was changing day care centers, my response was 'heck no, I love this place!' Just to give you an idea of how happy my children and I are with the Family Life Child Care Center of Maple Heights: My family lives in Warrensville Heights and I work in Shaker Heights but I am willing to 'double back' to keep my kids in attendance at the center. I would recommend the daycare to anyone - this place rocks!

    ~ Kili E. Family Life Child Care Center of Maple Heights parent

    I am impressed that the center has an open door policy and conferences to keep me updated on my children’s progress. The teachers seem as excited as I am to see my children reach certain goals and developmental milestones. I am relieved to know the staff is trained and capable of meeting the special medical needs of one of my children.

    ~ Nicole Rutledge Family Life Child Care Center of Brook Park parent

    We've had our daughter in the Berea center for almost 4 years now and every morning she's always looking forward to going to "school"! The staff have made this such a rewarding and educational experience for her. It's reassuring to know that my daughter is not only being well taken care of, but she is learning, growing, making new friends and experiencing new things in a fun environment. Plus the daycare facility is AMAZING! So perfect for the children and staff! They truly care for the children and their families in the center.

    ~ Lisa Burdett Family Life Child Care Center of Berea parent

    The Family Life Child Care Center of Maple Heights has given my daughter immeasurable amounts of education and socialization that she could not get at another daycare. As a mom, it feels good to have my daughter nearly drag me out of the house in the morning so she can get to "school".

    ~ Krysti Ellis Family Life Child Care Center of Maple Heights parent

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    As a working, single mother, it is difficult to find affordable child care where you can ensure a secure and comfortable environment for your child. However, I have found that place with Family Life Child Care Center of Brook Park. This daycare is the best around! The love, nurture and patience that the Brook Park center gives my daughter makes me realize how lucky I am to have found a place we can call our home away from home.

    ~ Stephanie Smith Family Life Child Care Center of Brook Park parent

    The teachers and administrators at Family Life Child Care Center of Berea are kind, helpful, and genuinely care about the children. The daycare program is well organized, the curriculum is engaging and the special programs are great! We are 100% confident the staff will treat our daughters with the love and respect all children deserve.

    ~ Lisa & Joel King Family Life Child Care Center of Berea parents

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    OhioGuidestone and the Family Life Child Care Centers have a long history of providing high-quality early care and education to the children of Cuyahoga County. The agency's commitment to providing quality and innovative family supports and services has made it an asset to the early childhood community and to Invest in Children's Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in particular.

    ~Director, Invest in Children, Cuyahoga County Office of Early Childhood

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      Parents are choosing Step Up To Quality* because they want the best for their children. Research from The Ohio State University confirms that as programs add stars, the benefits to children add up. They display more confidence, a curiosity about the world around them and are ready to learn. These are skills important for success in school and in life.

    ~Ohio Department of Job and Family Servicess

    *Please note that all of our Family Life Child Care Centers have received three or more of five possible stars by the State of Ohio's Step Up To Quality rating