The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education is important in early childhood learning., The Plain Dealer, and 90.3 WCPN ideastream® are exploring the importance of a child’s first five years in the series Cleveland Connects: The First 2,000 Days.

What constitutes a high-quality preschool? How do high-quality schools teach? How can you distinguish between high-quality and low-quality schools? In our program, parents have the security of knowing their children are safely taken care of in their absence. In the classroom, Family Life Child Care teachers provide opportunities for learning in an atmosphere of trust and love. Our centers allow for children to participate in activities both inside and outside their home classroom with proper supervision. Each center provides a large, outdoor play area for large muscle play and activities. Additional services are available to address a variety of family issues including counseling, parenting skill training, and a host of residential and community-based mental health services. Family Life Child Care Centers utilize the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum and the Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum, both based on high-quality early childhood education standards. This curriculum model allows teachers to focus on the whole child and individualize learning. The Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Early Learning and Development Standards.

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