The Remedy for the Summer Break Blues

It is pretty hard to believe that the school year is nearly over! How did that happen? While I am so glad that warm weather is in our near future, I am  amazed at how quickly summer arrives year after year. It seems like a speed race to the last day of school, doesn’t it? In a blink of an eye summer is here again! And as we all know, once summer hits, the carefully planned-out weeks that our families thrive on fly right out the window.

But don’t panic! There are a lot of great options to keep your kids busy this summer, including summer camp! And it will provide your family with much more than a structured summer routine. Your children will have the chance to make new friends, burn off extra energy by staying physically active, build upon their creativity and independence; and learn new skills! I see how our parents work so hard to give their children a great, head start in life, and a high quality summer camp program is another way to help them reach their maximum potential by keeping their growth and development in full swing all year round! Check out this informative article in Psych Central to learn more about what a well-executed and well-conceived camp can do for your child!

Here at Family Life Child Care Centers, our school-age summer camp program is designed to keep kids learning and growing all summer long! With weekly field trips, pool days, arts and crafts, and plenty of outdoor activity, our summer camps are really FUN and the antidote to the infamous summer break phrase, “I’m so bored!” Enrollment is happening NOW, but there is not much time remaining! We are offering our high quality summer camp program at all five of our locations! Enroll today!