Our Superheroes: Trustworthy Teachers and Compassionate Caretakers

Over the years, I’ve seen many parents struggle with finding the best care for their children. When they tour our centers, they anxiously ask questions about our staff and, often in tears, share their apprehension and fears about leaving their children. These parents are looking for caretakers that can love, support and teach their children; keeping them happy, healthy and safe during the work day. They want nothing short of a superhero, and they should settle for nothing less.

I am confident that our incredible and compassionate superheroes – our teachers – are truly the caretakers these parents have been looking for. Our amazing teachers create an atmosphere of trust and love and help our children feel safe and secure. They are dependable, reliable, passionate and dedicated individuals who go the extra mile every day to ensure that the children in their care reach their fullest potential.

In my years as a child care administrator, I‘ve learned that the quality of teachers is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of an early care and education program. I take this information and use it in each and every interview with a potential teacher. I ask a lot of questions and look for very specific qualities in addition to a background in education. These qualities include:

  • Respect for differences: No two children are alike in their learning styles, cultural backgrounds, family makeup and ethnicities. Our teachers welcome these differences into their classrooms and teach children to embrace these unique qualities.
  • Joy and Passion: This quality goes beyond just a love of children. It’s about the passion to find the uniqueness of every child we work with. We call them our joy-bringers!
  • Patience and Commitment: Working with young children can be challenging at times. Our teachers must be ready to meet those challenges with kindness, patience and commitment to the good and the not-so-good days.
  • Communication: Our teachers receive ongoing training on staff and child interactions. Positive interactions are the cornerstone to high quality classrooms and learning.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children offers resources and articles that can give parents further guidance on what to look for in a caretaker when searching for the best child care option. It is my hope that our passion for finding the very best teachers, along with these additional resources, will give our parents peace-of-mind and empower them to search for the very best caretakers for their children. Meet our very own superheroes and tour one of our centers today!